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From Vision to reality

Functional diagnostic of small vessels can prevent perfusion damages

From Vision to reality

Retinal Vessel Analysis

In every organ a system of very small blood vessels (the so-called microcirculation) is doing an important job to keep us healthy. The changing blood supply and the exchange of metabolites and oxygen according to varying demands in different tissue areas is organized by complex regulatories in the vessel diameters. If the work of the microcirculation is impaired, vessel diseases arise including well-known harm for our health.

Imedos Systems GmbH has investigated and developed a trendsetting and worldwide unique technology, the Dynamic Vessel Analysis, together with physicians and researchers of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University of Ilmenau. „This technology uses light to look inside the eye at the blood vessels of the retinal microcirculation. By applying flickering light we can investigate the vessel function and their regulation based on the vessel diameter changes. So we can observe the smallest vessels of man live at work.“ Dr.-Ing. W. Vilser, CEO of Imedos Systems GmbH explains. „With the previous examination techniques the ophthalmologist can usually detect damages. Our technology, however, is capable of detecting functional disorders leading to vessel diseases long before damages are present.“ This is creating a unique prerequisite for on time and controlled prevention of vascular diseases of the retina, e.g. glaucoma.

Studies also show that the function of retinal vessels reflect general vessel changes of the microcirculation which can be found in other organs, e.g. brain and heart. These parts of the microcirculation are not easily accessible. They can be examined via the eye, though. This is providing a wide range of application of the Imedos technology for the entire vascular medicine far beyond ophthalmology.

The microcirculation of the retina is an excellent window to the heart and the brain. Retinal vessels offer the unique opportunity to be examined in vivo and non-invasively and to provide valuable information about the condition of the body“s microcirculation. Imedos uses those characteristics of the ocular transparency to analyse retinal arteries and veins. Backed by several decades of research and development work, Imedos has become an established supplier of analytical systems for retinal vessels.

Imedos Systems GmbH
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Imedos Systems GmbH
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