Annette Pühringer responsible for training at hectec

Annette Pühringer responsible for training at hectec

(Landshut/Germany) Since early 2012 Annette Pühringer (52) has had responsibility for all training activities at hectec GmbH. Since 1994, hectec GmbH has specialized in the development and sales of operation planning programs for orthopaedic surgeons and clinics. Before joining hectec GmbH, Mrs. Pühringer performed a variety of roles at healthcare clinics and as a technical consultant during a 30-year career. hectec products are in use around the world.
hectec GmbH is pleased to welcome this experienced technical expert to its team. According to Jörn Seel, Managing Director of hectec GmbH: “Annette contributes an ideal combination of experience in a clinical setting with the knowledge of a professional educator. We intend to take advantage of her skill set and significantly expand our training opportunities.” Mrs. Pühringer views customer-oriented and individualized training programs as her focus. According to her, this will very likely involve some unconventional ideas and structures.
Annette Pühringer is a registered nurse. She has directed anesthesiology and emergency medicine departments and holds qualifications for intensive care, resuscitation, anesthesiology, and psychology. Before joining hectec, she was a speaker and consultant at emergency medicine seminars and post-endoscopic monitoring and was also active at an interdisciplinary intensive care station.
hectec GmbH has been developing its “mediCAD Classic” planning solution continuously since 1994. This digital solution is compatible with all planning methodologies, so processes are documented in a legally secure way. hectec’s implant database is a major reason for the solution’s success, since it allows a doctor to quickly choose the best implant directly on the screen. The database is continuously updated and currently contains products from 90 manufacturers around the world, covering more than 80% of all implants used in Europe. The solution fits seamlessly into the EDP systems at clinics and practices. It covers every area of orthopaedic surgery – hips, shoulders, feet, knees, spinal column, and everything in-between. “mediCAD Classic” is certified and approved around the world as a medical product. “mediCAD Classic” is distributed exclusively through authorized partners. As of early 2012, hectec GmbH works with 90 sales partners around the world. Approximately 2,200 clinics currently use the solution.

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Annette Pühringer (52) joined hectec GmbH in early 2012 as the director of training.
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Since 1994 the HECTEC GmbH has been dealing with a solution how orthopedic surgeon can digital, efficient and safe plan for joint operations.

As the first worldwide company, HECTEC has made available already in 1999 a software program which allows, with a few inputs, to produce the full pre-operative planning of a joint replacement in a digital environment. With the help of automatic calculations and special algorithms, the time required for doctors can be reduced, therefore, about to 85 percent.

With the mediCAD the HECTEC sets an innovative milestone in the surgical orthopedics. With its automatic storing of all necessary information and integrated traceability of findings and follow-ups, the mediCAD offers the best opportunity of supervision and description of any operation.

Through close cooperation with leading companies of medical technology and worldwide successful efforts of the mediCAD in clinics, the HECTEC GmbH belongs already today to “the global players” in the field of medical software solutions.

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