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Over the last few years Turkey has became the first destination when it comes to health tourism. The best hair transplant in turkey offers all what a patient can ask for; from the post surgery follow-up to the final guaranteed result. Hair transplant and plastic surgery are a flourishing filed in Turkey; clinics and hospitals are competing each other to offer the best services packages and to fulfill the needs and demands of their international patients, which qualifies them to be; not only the best hair transplant clinic in turkey but also in the world. If you are wondering how to find the best hair implants in turkey and how to make the best choice and choose the right clinic or surgeon this article is going to answer to the latter questions.

Best hair clinic in turkey is a little bit hard to find; as we can’t name one clinic or hospital and refer to it as the ultimate best choice. Going through several clinics‘ and surgeons‘ results old patients‘ feedback and price offers can be the determinant point to either make a step forward and engage with the clinic or move on and look for the best hair transplant center in turkey. Sometimes it can be surprising when it comes to the difference in prices between clinics and hospitals; for the reason of services including with the surgery and the used technique. Best hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul depends on the reputation of the surgeon; his experience and patients‘ satisfaction.

Best hair transplant in turkey istanbul offers a variety of methods; Nowadays, hair transplantation can be reduced to two main techniques: FUE and DHI. Which method is best for me and how many grafts do i need; is one session enough to cover all my baldness; are the most frequently asked questions before engaging to have the surgery done, most of the time in the process of searching for the best place for hair transplant in turkey on the internet or online medical platforms can not answer to all your questions and inquires and even sometimes it can be misleading. For this reason, the best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost and best technique for you would be to set up a consultation with a hair transplant specialist; best hair transplant doctors in turkey who can evaluate your particular situation. It is difficult to generalize an average cost of hair transplant procedures as it depends on the specificity of each patient’s hair loss circumstances.

Eurozen Hair exist a great team including 44 persons ,13 asistan nurses,12 persons who are experts at plastic surgeon and 19 experts proffessional hair planters.

We realize your hairtransplantation by expert surgens and team proffessional.Eurozen Hair Transplant is the company which has a legal accountability and is rigorous about the hospital and health personnel.

We serve for 16 years with our equipmant which has latest technology, equipped operating rooms,academic staff and special doctors in enviroment of hospital full-fledged.

Eurozen has mission and vision providing Turkey as one of the first places in the world about hair transplantation, sharing many contents of information and technical, following the developments in Canada,U.S.A, and Europe about hair transplantation.

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