Best Specialists for Medical Simulation – Europe

Award for Meyer-Hentschel Institute for the development of suits simulating age, fatigue, drunkenness and drug abuse.

Best Specialists for Medical Simulation - Europe

Award as best developer for medical simulation: Meyer-Hentschel Institute

The Meyer-Hentschel Institute, Saarbrücken, which developed the first age simulation suit in 1994, was awarded “Best Medical Simulation R&D Specialists – Europe”.

The award was presented by the British online magazine Global Health & Pharma. As Age Suit Germany, we are very pleased about this, because the Meyer-Hentschel Institute is the development and quality partner of our AgeMan® age suit.

Interview with Dr. Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel

On the occasion of the award, the Global Health & Pharma magazine conducted an interview with company founder Dr. Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel.

Link to the interview

Video “Are You a Zombie at The Wheel?

Age Suit Germany GmbH, Saarbruecken, is a provider of simulation tools for teaching, research and product development. Their core product, the AgeMan® age simulation suit, serves to make health restrictions of old age directly perceptible to younger people. The high and innovative quality of their products is guaranteed by partnership with the Meyer-Hentschel Institute, which developed the first ever age suit in 1994 as a result of many years of research.

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