biolitec® – Laser pioneer leading in the development of modern lasers for minimally invasive surgery

Medical lasers are increasingly being used in minimally invasive surgery – Many therapies possible on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia – LEONARDO® laser systems can be used in a wide range of treatments

biolitec® - Laser pioneer leading in the development of modern lasers for minimally invasive surgery

ELVeS® Radial® 2ring fiber of biolitec® (Source: biolitec®)

Jena, July 10th, 2019 – Laser systems have become an indispensable part of medicine. After the laser has established itself in recent decades in industrial production technology and medicine, its features are becoming more and more interesting in minimally invasive surgery.

A laser can achieve very precise treatment results with very fine and difficult tissue characteristics (parenchymal tissue, prostate, varicose veins, anal and coccyx fistulas). The special hemostatic features of the laser as well as the optimal absorption in hemoglobin and water enable extremely gentle interventions. Surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged and unwanted side effects such as bruising, swelling and inflammation are reduced to a minimum. In addition to cutting, other functions such as incision, coagulation, vaporization, tissue shrinkage and ablation can be performed with a laser, depending on the indication.

Many procedures that were previously only possible as inpatient procedures under general anesthesia can now, with a minimally invasive laser, be performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and in a significantly shorter treatment time. The resulting advantages for patients, hospitals and care centers are obvious.

The laser developer and manufacturer biolitec® dedicated itself early on to the research of diode lasers. The laser pioneer concentrates on the development of high-quality laser devices and fibers that meet the specific treatment requirements. In 2008 biolitec® launched the ELVeS® Radial® laser fiber, the first radial emitting laser fiber for the endovenous treatment of insufficient veins. After the extremely thin laser fiber ELVeS® Radial® slim (2010), the first radial fiber with two light rings ELVeS® Radial® 2ring followed in 2012. The two light rings split the laser energy into two equal parts, which leads to a slower and more gentle closure of the vein. Since 2017, the 2ring fiber has also been available as ELVeS® Radial® 2ring slim with a fiber diameter of only 1.25 mm.

With all biolitec® laser fibers, the laser fiber tips are not only glued to the fiber optics with the FUSION® technology, but also fused. They can withstand even the highest mechanical loads. This makes the laser fibers even safer.

The LEONARDO® DUAL laser of biolitec® is available in several wattages (45 watts, 100 watts and 200 watts) and to date the only laser with two wavelengths (980 nm and 1470 nm), which can be used simultaneously as well as with a continuously setting during treatment. The innovative LEONARDO® Mini completes the laser family. The 900 grams light device is available in a version with a wavelength of 1470 nm and as LEONARDO® Mini Dual with two wavelengths of 980 nm and 1470 nm. The small laser can also be used mobile in the established biolitec® treatment methods for venous diseases, hemorrhoids, fistulas, a broad spectrum of ENT diseases, in urology, gynecology and orthopedics.

All medical lasers of biolitec® are compact and space-saving laser systems, which can be used in different fields and mobile. The low maintenance requirements and reliable laser diodes guarantee a long service life.

The versatile and flexibly combinable lasers and fibers of biolitec® are successfully used in the fields of phlebology, proctology, urology, gynecology, ENT, thoracic surgery and pneumology, orthopedics, ophthalmology and aesthetic surgery. Further developments for special therapies and applications are currently being researched.

Further information about the LEONARDO® DUAL laser systems and the special fibers of biolitec® can be found at

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biolitec® is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies in the field of laser applications and the only provider which possesses all the relevant core competences in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT) – photosensitizers, lasers and fibre optic cables. Besides laser-supported treatment of cancers with the drug Foscan®, biolitec® researches and markets above all minimally invasive, gentle laser procedures.

ELVeS® Radial® (Endo Laser Vein System) is the world’s most-used laser system to treat venous insufficiency. The LEONARDO® diode laser from biolitec® is the first universally applicable medical laser which has a combination of two wavelengths, 980nm and 1470nm, and which can be used across disciplines. The innovative contact fibre XCAVATOR® in conjunction with the LEONARDO® DUAL 200 Watt laser allows in urology a gentle treatment of e.g. benign prostate enlargement (BPH). The light-weight LEONARDO® Mini laser weighing only 900 g was developed especially for mobile application on site. Gentle laser applications in the fields of proctology, ENT, gynecology, thorax surgery and pneumology are also part of biolitec®’s field of business. More information available at

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