HELP JOSELITO! – New Therapies for an Autistic Child

HELP JOSELITO! - New Therapies for an Autistic Child

An autistic boy in Mexico, an overwhelmed family looking for help, a Frenchman with a vision: these are the ingredients of Dr. Jean Weinfeld’s therapy crowdfunding project “HELP JOSELITO!”. Yet its continuation depends on supporters searched on Joselito’s innovative therapy has already given astonishing results, it can also help other autistic children – but now it needs financial support.

Joselito’s therapy experiment started in late 2014. Dr. Jean Weinfeld developed an extensive and original therapy concept, in which he included a psychologist and a rhythm therapist in Mexico. First, a pragmatic therapy fosters Joselito’s motor and cognitive abilities in everyday life. Second, an aesthetic-sensorial therapy helps Joselito to open up and communicate with the outside world through lyrical stimuli that aim to “surprise” his senses. Dr. Jean Weinfeld recorded both project and therapy concept in a book written in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German. The book and its free e-book version of “HELP JOSELITO! A Health and Therapy Project for a Mexican Autistic Child” were released in February by GRIN Publishing.

Achievements of the therapy program for autistic children

Joselito (Jose Guillermo Águila Guerrero) suffers under an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The program designed for him can be yet applied to other persons with a Pervasive Development Disorder. For instance Dr. Jean Weinfeld tried a concept variant with an Asperger child.

The program focuses on creativity and expressivity, to which speech also belongs. Success was first reached by classical speech training. Joselito trains his motor abilities and coordination by a combined movement, rhythm and music therapy, also by dance, drum and piano playing. This enabled him to interact in a playful way with other people and to get along with his life – without stress or constraint. Now, the aesthetic-sensorial part of the therapy concept includes excursions. Numerous pictures and videos document Joselito’s therapy successful results on

However, without the help of donors Dr. Weinfeld and Joselito’s therapists cannot pursue their work on this concept. Help them to help!

The author and initiator

Dr. Jean Weinfeld, the author and founder of the project “HELP JOSELITO!”, has been working for decades in the field of cross-cultural education. Born in France Dr. Weinfeld now lives in Germany; he already published several specialist books in French, German and Spanish. Dr. Weinfeld travels regularly to Mexico to continue and expand this therapeutic program on the spot together with the therapists. Suggestions and comments related to this program are most welcome.

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