Innovation Offers Hope For Severe Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

With a new, highly innovative and in particular unparalleled method of selective immunoadsorption, the IgE antibody can be removed or significantly reduced by 85-90%. Sufferers can expect by the method a control of severe atopic dermatitis on long term and significant disease-reducing effect.

Innovation Offers Hope For Severe Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

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Internationally leading German dermatology specialists have developed and designed an innovative and unique treatment method of selective immunoadsorption against severe atopic dermatitis. This unparalleled treatment is made to control severe atopic dermatitis on long term and to reduce the IgE antibody in the skin by 85-90%! The treatment is without significant side-effects and any risks and does not compromise the immune system as other methods. This disease-reducing treatment is proven, accredited and performed only in Germany.

This innovative selective immunoadsorption frees the blood of immunoglobulin E (IgE). This antibody is responsible for allergies. An increased IgE value is recognized as a trigger for atopic dermatitis,
one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases. The new method has been tested successfully in a preliminary study at the University of Lübeck and the result of the disease-reducing effect published in the journal The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in January 2011. After further tests and knowledge acquisition Boto Medical makes this treatment now available for international adult patients with severe atopic dermatitis for instance with a total IgE level of 1000 kU/l and more.

With this new innovative and unique method of a specialized blood purification (hemodialysis), is finally hope of relief for those adults with severe atopic dermatitis, which cannot be adequately treated with other therapies. This is good news, because in contrast to today’s much improved treatment options of psoriasis – another common inflammatory skin disease – is the development of new therapies for atopic dermatitis for years largely stopped. In general, in addition to anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone creams or cyclosporine may be prescribed for severe atopic dermatitis. However, these compromise the immune system and they are not suitable for long-term therapy. In childhood and adolescence the eczema heals in many cases. If there is still or atopic dermatitis again in adults, it often is of severe course. The Patients have very increased IgE levels and suffer day and night of extreme itching. Often, patients are no longer able doing their job. For patients and relatives, this situation is extremely stressful.

For the method of selective immunoadsorption a special filter has been developed which specifically remove IgE and only this antibody from the blood. Between 85-90% of IgE can be removed from blood and with that from skin. A special coating in the filter binds the antibody, the blood flows back without IgE in the patient’s body. The therapy consists in total of ten days, which are carried out in three blocks of four once and twice three days, with a four-week break between the blocks.

With this therapy, a highly specific offer without significant side-effects for patients with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases became finally available. For the recovery times premium rooms are available at the clinic.

At the moment are treated mainly adult patients with high IgE values that cannot be adequately controlled with conventional therapies. From the therapy a significantly long-term decrease in disease activity can be expected. Patient”s current drug therapies could be reduced already during this treatment, due to excellent improvement of conditions.

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