Maisense Presented Telecardiology System That Can Measure Blood Pressure and Record ECG Simultaneously at ESC Munich

Maisense Presented Telecardiology System That Can Measure Blood Pressure and Record ECG Simultaneously at ESC Munich

Bach Chen, Vice President of business development, Maisense (Source: © Maisense)

Hsinchu, Taiwan Aug 29th, 2018 – Maisense, an innovative startup, devotes itself to stroke prevention, today announced the telecardiology system using a portable device „Freescan“ that can measure blood pressure and record ECG simultaneously.

„For most telecardiology systems on the market, they either provide only ECG, or provide both blood pressure and ECG but retrieve them from two independent devices. The more devices there are, the less likely for patients to use all of them regularly.“ said Bach Chen, Vice President of business development, Maisense.

The purpose of Maisense“s telecardiology system is to simplify the measurement procedure for patients. Through the combination of three elements: the Freescan device, the myFreescan App, and the Patient Care web platform, patients can measure blood pressure and ECG with a single device. In addition, doctors are able to monitor patients“ health condition easily through the web-based Patient Care System. Maisense Freescan in combination with the myFreescan App delivers a combined all-in-1 solution utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for early atrial fibrillation detection (AFib), arrhythmia (bradycardia and tachycardia) detection, pulse wave velocity, and blood pressure monitoring in a single device.

According to World Health Organization (WHO)“s report in May 2018, stroke incidents are globally the second most common cause of death after ischaemic heart disease. Of the 56.9 million deaths worldwide in 2016, almost 6 million died persons died of strokes, this is about 10% of all the accounted deaths. However, up to 80% of strokes may be preventable by monitoring the major risk factors: arterial stiffness, atrial fibrillation (AFib), and hypertension.

The adoption of Maisense“s telecardiology system will enable every user of the solution to assess their risk level of strokes anytime. Therefore then they can take preventive actions to minimize the risk.

Maisense held a session to elaborate telecardiology system at the ESC (European Society of Cardiology) congress in Munich on August 28th.

„I believe that solid researches lead to excellent innovation. Therefore, we continue to push the boundaries on digital health support, and on top of that, we value each opportunity to present our system at conferences or academia“, said Benjamin Chiu, CEO, Maisense.

Maisense is also growing its channel and is actively looking for distributors in the European Union. In Germany, Maisense is excited to have formed a partnership with the well renowned TITAN Commerce and appPeople. TITAN Commerce is a leading distributor for Bio-/Neurofeedback, sportswear technology and wearables based in Germany. appPeople provides worldwide progressive impulses in the field of telemedicine. Freescan is also available in Germany at Mindtec and ME Health CHECK.

Maisense is proud to be a member of the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA-Semicon) which focuses on future-oriented technology and builds a cooperation platform between universities and the industry. The organization stimulates innovation and introduces Taiwan startup companies to the global market.

About TITAN Commerce

TITAN Commerce“s wide product range includes state-of-the-art biotechnology, wearables and professional Sportswear technologies from various well-known biofeedback, neurofeedback and wearable manufacturers. The goal of TITAN Commerce is to provide end-customer with the most technically innovative products to help them to deal with their daily impact of external influences such as stress, exhaustion, concentration and attention deficits. For more information, please visit:

About appPeople

Founded in 2011, appPeople GmbH develops and distributes mobile applications and medical devices. The innovative products enable the regular collection of relevant health parameters, helping to better assess treatment outcomes and improve users‘ quality of life. The dynamically growing company works with partners in Europe and Asia and is one of the most successful and creative names in its field. For more information, please visit:

Bildquelle: © Maisense

About Maisense:

Maisense is an innovative startup working in non-invasive medical cardiovascular monitoring for personal use, combined with artificial intelligence software for stroke prevention including AFib/arrhythmia/artery stiffness detection for professional physician use. Founded in 2012, Maisense was granted the award for „Best Investment Potential“ by Taiwan“s Ministry of Economic Affairs. Maisense“s Freescan is the world first cuffless blood pressure monitor measuring directly from wrist pulse and it has received EU CE medical certification. It has been honored with the 2015 National Innovation Award in Taiwan, as well as ranking second among the Top 10 Innovative Health Products at the Arab Health 2016 fair in Dubai. In 2017, it has received the „Taiwan top 10 coolest innovative startups award“ from the Ministry of Science and Tech in Taiwan. For more information, visit

About GLORIA-Semicon:

„GLORIA-Semicon“ – (Global Research & Industry Alliance Semiconductor) of Taiwan Ministry of Science & Technology is a platform that promotes high value-added and cross-field innovative products and services, and also dedicates in exploring and expanding the opportunities for members“ pioneering design to connect with Taiwan industry and academy resources. For more information, please visit

GLORIA-Semicon is now coordinating a special interest group (SIG) for biomedical devices providers. Connections in between medical doctors, clinical trials as well as interdisciplinary researches are being sponsored by Taiwan government. We welcome international partners and jointly explore new businesses and channels especially in Chinese communities.

Dedication of GLORIA-Semicon:

– Allying global entrepreneurs with Taiwan semiconductor eco-system

– Providing one-stop services

– Facilitating global entrepreneurs in Taiwan to connect with local resources

– Collaborating with excellent academic groups in technical development

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