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New APP allows connection of smartLAB® bathroom scales with Garmin-Watches with Connect IQ

New APP allows connection of smartLAB® bathroom scales with Garmin-Watches with Connect IQ

fitmefit scale APP

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, 26.11.2015 | HMM Group, a midsize company settled in Dossenheim, near Heidelberg, is presenting the fitmefit scale APP for Android and iOS since november 2015 with the option of connecting Garmin Connect and Google Fit.

The newest bathroom scales of the brand smartLAB® (smartLAB®fit W and smartLAB®scale W) have already been equipped with several wireless data transfer technologies, to collect and automatically document measured data. With the new fitmefit scale APP data can now be measured and saved locally. Additionally it is possible but not necessary to transfer the data to a cloud. The APP can be easily connected among other things to the portal, Garmin Connect and Google Fit.

Users of the new Garmin Watches can use one of the smartLAB® bathroom scales with wireless data transfer technology and transmit the measured data via APP to the Garmin Connect Portal, and even to Google Fit an fitmefit. Data can also be transferred to all three portals at once.

In the future the connection of the fitmefit scale APP should be possible to iPhone Apple Health Kit users. Currently HMM is developing suitable software updates.

The fitmefit scale APP has a modern design with an intuitive and easy appliance. It was of high importance for HMM to develop an APP with a user friendly interface to enable a comfortable use. Swiping over the display in different directions allows an easy usability of the APP.

It is also possible to enter measured data manually into the APP. This way people, who do not have a scale with wireless data transmission, can enter their values and save these locally. If the APP has a connection to a cloud or a portal, the entered data will be sent there. An automatic data transfer with the smartLAB® scales is advisable as it allows an easy way of weight documentation.

The APP is available in Google Play and the Apple APPstore entering fitmefit scale into the search field. Currently the smartLAB® scales can be purchased to a reduced rate at, HMM”s own online shop. The smartLAB®fit W Body Analyze Scale and the smartLAB®scale W bathroom scale which are equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart Standard Protocols, allow an automatic data transmission of measured values to the APP and are compatible with most current mobile phones.

Maher Khoury, CEO of the HMM Group, sees a positive future for the use of bathroom scales with wireless data transfer technology. “People want to look more after their health and fitness. Weight is an important vital value in relation to more fitness and health, which should be monitored and documented. To enable an automatic documentation of the data a scale with data transmission would be of advantage.”

“With the fitmefit scale APP various users can use our smartLAB® scales and connect their data to different systems. This way measured values can be sent and documented where the user wants them. Either only local on their mobile phone or in a cloud solution.” says Khoury.

More Information on the scales here:

The HMM Group is an independent, research and manufacturing company with headquarters in Dossenheim near Heidelberg. The main activity of the company is the development, production and marketing of healthcare products and services.
The HMM Group was founded in 2004 and includes the HMM Holding AG, HMM Diagnostics GmbH and HMM Vertriebs GmbH. Main products of the Group are the smartLAB product family the hFon-series, hLine, and the online portal

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