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One Swiss model for the world – healthbank expands into Germany

healthbank Deutschland GmbH founded in Berlin – Karsten Stampa becomes CEO – Philosophy and values of the cooperative are transported

One Swiss model for the world - healthbank expands into Germany

Karsten Stampa

healthbank cooperative is expanding and has founded the subsidiary healthbank Deutschland GmbH in Berlin. CEO of the new company is Karsten Stampa, who contin-ues to act as COO/CFO of the parent company healthbank in Baar. “We are convinced that the model of a new and independent health data platform is not only a model for Switzerland, but for the whole world,” explains Stampa.

The Swiss health data platform “healthbank” revolutionizes the way personal health data is stored, used, exchanged and passed on for fair rewards. To this end, healthbank operates the world’s most advanced health data platform, which allows users to securely store health data and share it with doctors, hospitals and research institutions by means of authorization.

For Karsten Stampa, the move to Berlin is a logical step in health-bank’s expansion strategy. “We are convinced that our model of a neutral and independent health data platform is not only a model for Switzerland but will prevail all over the world.

The goal of healthbank in the near future is to offer the possibility of being able to use personal health data everywhere and at any time: “So not only at home, but also for example on vacation in the Serengeti or when one is on the road professionally”, explains Stampa. The data would be urgently needed, especially at remote locations in the event of a medical emergency, would help to understand people’s medical history quickly and easily and thus improve the quality of care, no matter where in the world it takes place”.

In terms of internationalization, the branch in Germany is the logical step for healthbank, explains Stampa. “The reasons are clear. In Germany, the domestic market with around 80 million inhabit-ants is of course very interesting. Much more exciting, however, is the fact that many international healthcare providers are based there alongside highly exciting start-ups with excellent, innovative approaches in the field of digital health. For example, we have entered into a cooperation with Thryve, a company that develops and sells software as a service in the field of mobile health applications,” adds Stampa. In addition to the development of the national telematics structure or the development of the electronic health card, Stampa explains that many other developments can currently be observed in Germany. The first frontrunner projects of German insurers such as the Techniker Krankenkasse, the patient file of the AOK Nord-Ost or the health app Vivy were observed. “We are convinced that healthbank, as a bridge builder between the partially isolated ap-proaches, can make a major contribution to the control of health data among users in Germany.

This expansion will later be extended to other countries around the world. “This will enable us to export our future model. The healthbank cooperative is located in Switzerland and enables users to share their data with other partners in a secure and data protection-compliant manner. healthbank combines data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants to share their health data for research purposes. For various reasons (including legislation), local operating companies will also have to be operated in the respective countries. “This will enable us to transport the philosophy and values of the Swiss cooperative to these countries and allow the healthbank ecosystem to grow rapidly worldwide,” explains Stampa.

healthbank in Germany will soon start as a sales and operations company where customer relation-ships with German health service providers are to be established and project partners found. The core will be the announcement of the healthbank idea in Germany and the establishment of fur-ther customer relationships. “Through our cooperation with a globally active German management consultancy, we ensure a high degree of visibility in Germany”.

Stampa sees the implementation of the healthbank expansion strategy as one of his core tasks. “I have many discussions with potential customers and appearances at events,” he explains. At the same time, the marketing strategy will be developed and implemented. “The search for investors and securing financing is always one of the most important tasks in such a project and is at the top of his list, explains the former management consultant in the areas of strategy and regulation. Stampa has therefore also planned a first funding round for the coming months in order to be able to build up the Marketing and Business Development department. “It may also be necessary to operate your own data platform in Germany so that an IT department can be added,” explains Stampa.

About healthbank

healthbank is the world’s first citizen-owned, neutral and independent health data transaction platform that enables people to share their data in a secure and privacy compliant way with other partners. healthbank connects data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants to share their health data for research purposes. Based in Switzerland, healthbank stands for Swiss neutrality, trust and data protection and enables participating citizens, researchers and organizations with large amounts of data to network with each other. This enables the value of health and medical data to be optimally exploited on this independent, global health platform. healthbank promotes innovations in the health care system, from prevention to cure, at a more reasonable price and of better quality – for the benefit of individuals and society.

healthbank ist die weltweit erste bürgereigene, neutrale und unabhängige Gesundheitsdaten-Transaktionsplattform, die es Menschen ermöglicht ihre Daten auf sichere und datenschutzkonforme Art und Weise mit anderen Partnern zu teilen. healthbank verbindet Datenquellen aller Art aus dem gesamten Gesundheitsbereich und belohnt Teilnehmer, ihre Gesundheitsdaten für Forschungszwecke zu teilen. Mit Sitz in der Schweiz steht healthbank für schweizerische Neutralität, Vertrauen und Datenschutz und ermöglicht es den teilnehmenden Bürgern, Forschern und Organisationen mit grossen Datenmengen sich miteinander zu vernetzen. Damit kann der Wert von Gesundheits- und medizinischen Daten auf dieser unabhängigen, globalen Gesundheitsplattform optimal erschlossen werden. healthbank fördert Innovationen im Gesundheitswesen, von der Prävention bis zur Heilung, zu einem angemesseneren Preis und besserer Qualität – für das Wohl des Einzelnen und der Gesellschaft.

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