Pelago Bioscience AB and OmicScouts GmbH enter collaboration on CETSA drug discovery applications

Pelago Bioscience AB and OmicScouts GmbH enter collaboration on CETSA drug discovery applications

(Mynewsdesk) Pelago Bioscience AB and OmicScouts GmbH have today launched a commercial and scientific collaboration regarding the use of the Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA™) for determination and quantification of drug-target interactions. Under the agreement, Pelago Bioscience grants OmicScouts use licenses to the CETSA method for mass spectrometric and proteomic applications for contract research projects adding to its broad portfolio of mass spec-based proteomics technologies. The collaboration will allow Pelago Bioscience to extend and add value to the existing service portfolio on target engagement determinations and analysis in cells and tissue. By combining expertise and resources, Pelago Bioscience and OmicScouts will therefore be better positioned to serve existing and future customers with target identification and target validation services as well as mechanism of action studies. Moreover, both companies plan to scientifically and technologically explore and develop the CETSA method for proteomics applications for drug de-orphanization and biomarker discovery applications. Other terms and financial details of the agreement are not disclosed.

‘We are excited and proud about this collaboration with such proteomics experts as OmicScouts’, says Michael Dabrowski CEO of Pelago Bioscience. ‘The active and strategic collaboration with OmicScouts will allow us to provide customers with improved proteomics applications of the CETSA method. I believe that mass spec applications of CETSA will revolutionize the profiling of both candidate drugs from target based and phenotypic screening based drug discovery.

Hannes Hahne, Managing Director at OmicScouts commented: The CETSA method adds to our portfolio of proteomics services for our drug discovery customers. We are convinced that CETSA with proteomic readout can nicely complement chemical proteomics techniques for target identification and offers unprecedented perspectives to study small molecule-protein interactions. It is a pleasure to work with the experts of Pelago, and together we will significantly expand the application space of CETSA.

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About Pelago Bioscience AB

Spun out from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden, Pelago Bioscience AB was founded in 2013 to provide and develop the patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA) for use in determination and quantification of drugtarget interactions. Pelago Bioscience has during the first two operational years delivered in situ target engagement studies to more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their preclinical and clinical drug discovery projects. Using CETSA data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies are able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. This reduces time and money spent on the non-optimal compounds and allows faster development of more efficacious new drugs.

About OmicScouts GmbH

OmicScouts GmbH is a spin-off of the Technische Universität München, Germany, founded in 2014 by leading proteomics researchers. The services of the company combine quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics and integrated bioinformatics solutions for drug discovery, disease and systems biology and clinical research. OmicScouts\’ technologies enable the unbiased and comprehensive study of protein expression, posttranslational modifications, signaling mechanisms and protein-drug interactions in cells, animal models or patient samples. OmicScouts maintains several collaborations with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to elucidate drug targets, explore the mode of action of drugs, identify pharmacodynamics and drug response biomarkers or discover disease mechanisms and mechanistic biomarkers.

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