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Celsius42 auf Europas größtem Ärztekongress für Komplementärmedizin in Baden Baden

Hyperthermie im Zeichen der Digitalen Medizin Celsius42 Hyperthermie System TCS – Tumor Cell Solution Eschweiler, 23. Oktober 2019. Celsius42 präsentiert sich auch in 2019 wieder auf der Medizinischen Woche Baden-Baden (Stand (UG-35). Die Medizinische Woche (30.10.-3.11.2019ist bekannt als eine der größten Fachkongress für Komplementärmedizin in Europa. Die Ärztegesellschaft für Erfahrungsheilkunde e.V. und die Ärztliche Vereinigung … Weiterlesen »


ESHO Meeting in Warsaw

Hyperthermia scientific meeting of experts From 22 to 25 May, under the leadership of the conference president Professor Lucjan Wyrwicz and his co-president Professor Piotr Rutkowski, experts from over 16 countries met to present and discuss the latest findings in the treatment of cancer taking into account hyperthermia. In addition to the classic forms of … Weiterlesen »


Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas: New President of German Hyperthermia Society

Shanghai 2018 – Successful DGHT-eV expansion in China Dr. Sahibas present DGHT-eV With Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas, whose areas of specialty include hyperthermia, the German Hyperthermia Society, or DGHT-eV for short (, has elected a new president with particularly ambitious goals. One of his first actions in office involved setting up an academic exchange with … Weiterlesen »


Full speed ahead – New Celsius42

The relaunch of Celsius42 GmbH is just a few days away Eschweiler 01.05.2018 – after 4 months and many hours of work by our creative team, we look forward to publishing our new company website in the near future. “This innovation represents a true milestone for the development of Celsius42,” says Christian Hartmann, the company”s … Weiterlesen »