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A medical connoisseur – the tongue as a sensor for infections

Biotech start-up from Frickenhausen develops chewing gum as test system for bacteria Illustration: Chewing gum as test system for bacteria (Source: Christoph Mett) (Stuttgart/Frickenhausen) – People seeing the doctor normally take their gum out of their mouth first, but if a start-up company from the STERN BioRegion has its way, chewing gum could become part … Weiterlesen »


Super Resolution Microscopy for Pharmaceutical Industry: Patents granted for 3D complex labeling

Mechanism of action of drugs in body cells becomes transparent The LIMON 3D microscopy (LIght MicroscOpical Nanosizing) of Prof. Dr. Dr. Christoph Cremer opens new possibilities for pharmaceutical research. 3D molecular complexes so-called biomolecular machines, targets of drugs can thus be studied in vivo. “By means of these issued patents, our super resolution microscopy is … Weiterlesen »