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Prostate Laser Therapy LIFE: Low-infection – Fast – Gentle – Suitable for high-risk patients

LIFE laser method by biolitec minimizes infections – Tissue removal without residues – Optimal hemostasis – Treatment without general anesthesia – Also suitable for risk patients due to low side effects and gentle treatment Prostate treatment with the LIFE laser fiber from biolitec (Source: © biolitec®) Jena, 15th June, 2020 – The restrictions due to … Weiterlesen »


Be Happy – Stay Healthy

A good immune system is the best guarantee for staying healthy, whereas our emotions influence our immune system on a large scale. (Source: Image by Magic Creative from Pixabay) Emotions impact our health through many different pathways. During the 1980s, studies revealed that the brain is directly wired to the immune system. Furthermore, an effect … Weiterlesen »


biolitec: Minimally invasive surgery with laser has clear advantages when it comes to the risk of infection by viruses

Outpatient treatment under local anesthesia avoids long hospital stays – Avoidance of infections – Germicidal and hemostatic effect through laser therapy – Many advantages for elderly patients and high-risk patients ELVeS Radial fiber by biolitec for varicose vein treatment (Source: © biolitec®) Jena, 10th March, 2020 – Minimally invasive laser therapies have already been established … Weiterlesen »


Preclinical study shows ground-breaking results on infections

Synthetic human-milk-oligosaccharides reduce the risk of infections caused by hazardous pathogens (Rheinbreitbach, GER) In collaboration with the University Children”s Hospital Mannheim of Heidelberg University, Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH carried out extensive preclinical research to demonstrate for the first time that synthetic human-milk-oligosaccharides achieve the same protective effects as natural sugars in human breast milk. The study … Weiterlesen »