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Welcome to the Dental Office of Dr. Charles A. Smith in Heidelberg.

Dr Smith and his friendly team are pleased to introduce their unique dental practice.

Welcome to the Dental Office of Dr. Charles A. Smith in Heidelberg.

Dr Charles A. Smith, highly specialized dentist in Heidelberg, and his practice team

The need for healthy teeth and gums through a holistic approach is their main focus. Dr Smith is known for using an advanced approach in treating each patient with individual care, knowing that there are different wants and needs for each one of his patients.

Dr Smith plans each treatment to achieve optimum dental health. His expertise in “restoring” teeth allows strong, long-lasting solutions. Rather than simply “filling” teeth, he restores teeth to their natural beauty and strength.
The practice philosophy is natural jaw position, conservative metal free restorations, along with the newest of technologies and function. The practice prides itself on being Amalgam free, provides early and late periodontal treatment, and Neuromuscular Dentistry in relation to aesthetic cases. This is the perfect relationship between natural human form and function to provide the best aesthetic results.

Their Dental Hygiene team has gone through extensive training to provide the patients with gentle yet thorough cleanings utilizing the latest in laser technology to improve and maintain your oral health. Prevention is their goal with each patient.

Equipment we provide:
– Ultrasonic Cleaning/ Prophy Jet
– Intra Oral Camera
– Dental Laser
– Digital Radiographs
– Imaging Software
– Computerized Electro-Diagnostic Instrumentation

The practice team from Heidelberg is looking forward to advise each patient competently.
The practice offers
– Porcelain Veneers
– Full mouth Rehabilitation
– Crowns
– TMJ Treatment
– Implants
– Non-Metal Fillings
– Orthodontics
– Hollywood Bleaching
– Endodontics
– Professional Cleaning
– Invisalign
– Periodontics
– Sports Mouthguard
– Snoring/Obstructive Sleep Apnea

For detailed information, please contact:
Dr Charles A. Smith
Progressive Practice for Family and Aesthetic Dentistry
Ärztehaus Bergheim
Römerstr. 1
D – 69115 Heidelberg
Tel: (49) 06221 – 6516090
Fax: (49) 06221 – 600029

Die Praxis von Dr. Charles A. Smith liegt im Herzen von Heidelberg. Das Hauptanliegen des Teams ist die Gesunderhaltung der Zähne und des Zahnfleisches der Patienten durch eine ganzheitliche Behandlung. Dies umfasst ein weites Spektrum von Bleaching über Zahnschiene bis hin zur neuromuskulären Behandlung.

Dr. Charles A. Smith
Römerstr. 1
69115 Heidelberg

Christiane Haase
Christiane Haase
Uzesring 45
69198 Schriesheim
06203 954609

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